The period of adolescence frequently marks a difficult time. The teen brain is in constant flux, changing and developing all the time. Often these changes result in moodiness, low frustration tolerance, high emotionality, boundary testing, and poor decision-making, which can include substance use/abuse.

At CPHP we take pride in understanding how adolescents approach the world. When our therapists connect with their teen patients and trust is established, a safe place exists where important questions can be asked and accurate, non-judgmental responses can be given. Through this process, change can take place.

Dr. Cohen works with adolescent patients. Sometimes teens prefer to work with therapists of a specific gender. At CPHP, we can accomodate your needs for a male or female therapist and frequently have after-school hours available.

What's TPC?

Many people experience challenges in life that can be resolved most effectively with the help of a professional. Whether the challenge involves depression, anxiety, interpersonal problems, or problematic substance use, the professionals at CPHP have the training and experience to guide effective change.
When one’s issues are more extreme and traditional weekly therapy has not achieved desired results, Therapeutic Placement Consultation is an alternative approach to help people access additional resources.