Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a therapeutic approach which primarily focuses on two components of a patient’s challenges; the way the person thinks about an issue and the way the person behaves around an issue. Although CBT also includes understanding one’s feelings, the therapist’s focus is on understanding the patient’s patterns of thinking and behaving. Once these patterns are well understood, the therapist can guide the patient toward learning alternative ways to understand and approach issues and helps them begin to make lasting changes. These changes ultimately lead to the individual being able to see their own patterns and start to engage in new thoughts and behaviors that lead to better feelings and experiencing more control in their life.

What's TPC?

Many people experience challenges in life that can be resolved most effectively with the help of a professional. Whether the challenge involves depression, anxiety, interpersonal problems, or problematic substance use, the professionals at CPHP have the training and experience to guide effective change.
When one’s issues are more extreme and traditional weekly therapy has not achieved desired results, Therapeutic Placement Consultation is an alternative approach to help people access additional resources.