Therapeutic Placement Consultation - Process

We will start with an extensive interview with you and concerned family members. During the interview, I will learn what issues you and your loved ones are facing. Next, I will have conversations with others who you believe may be helpful in the process. This could include grandparents, aunts/uncles, adult children, teachers, coaches, etc. Additionally, I will review important paperwork including hospital records, past testing reports, school reports, and 504/IEP plans. I will also have discussions with previous therapists, psychiatrists, physicians, attorneys and/or other professionals relevant to your case. Once I have a clear understanding of the issues at hand, I can begin the process of matching the individual with appropriately selected programs.

Having met with many program admissions’ staff, I can quickly make contact with programs, share clinically important information, and assist in the admissions process and transition.

Additionally, the family will be referred for Family Therapy, a process undertaken while the individual is receiving treatment at a program. The Family Therapy may be with a provider at CPHP or with another therapist. If an outside therapist is necessary, your CPHP provider will assist in making referrals to appropriate people.