Couples therapy is a complex process requiring insight into the dynamics of a relationship. Although the couple’s problems are discussed in therapy, most often the focus of treatment is on the interaction that takes place between the individuals. Frequently, this means the therapist focuses on issues such as poor communication, problems with intimacy, and anger management, rather than focusing on a specific fight that took place.

At CPHP, therapists do not take sides with one person; instead, the therapist works to understand the issues limiting a couple’s happiness and helps them move toward a more functional, productive relationship.

What's TPC?

Many people experience challenges in life that can be resolved most effectively with the help of a professional. Whether the challenge involves depression, anxiety, interpersonal problems, or problematic substance use, the professionals at CPHP have the training and experience to guide effective change.
When one’s issues are more extreme and traditional weekly therapy has not achieved desired results, Therapeutic Placement Consultation is an alternative approach to help people access additional resources.