Children & Families

When a child struggles in school or socially, the entire family struggles. Problems resulting from ADHD, an oppositional personality, academic difficulties, moodiness, and trouble with friends typically impact one’s home life.

Through therapy at CPHP, we help kids understand their emotions, learn new social skills, and feel better about themselves. Moreover, family participation helps reinforce and cement newly learned skills, ultimately improving communication, reducing frustration, and increasing the family’s overall functioning.

At CPHP, Dr. Cohen has years of experience working with adolescents, 14 years old and older as well as with families. Coordinating care with parents, engaging in family sessions and using skills developed through training and experience, Dr. Cohen connects with adolescents and assists in their healthy development. Others in the practice work with younger kids.

What's TPC?

Many people experience challenges in life that can be resolved most effectively with the help of a professional. Whether the challenge involves depression, anxiety, interpersonal problems, or problematic substance use, the professionals at CPHP have the training and experience to guide effective change.
When one’s issues are more extreme and traditional weekly therapy has not achieved desired results, Therapeutic Placement Consultation is an alternative approach to help people access additional resources.