Research has repeatedly shown that one of the most important components of effective therapy is having a strong bond between the patient and the therapist. At CPHP, we approach therapy as a collaborative process and work hard to establish a strong therapeutic connection with our patients. As active participants in the process, we help our patients increase self-awareness, understanding of the problems they want to work on, and guide them to make clear strides toward desired behavioral changes.

Dr. Cohen has extensive training and experience working with adults providing respectful, helpful therapy.

What's TPC?

Many people experience challenges in life that can be resolved most effectively with the help of a professional. Whether the challenge involves depression, anxiety, interpersonal problems, or problematic substance use, the professionals at CPHP have the training and experience to guide effective change.
When one’s issues are more extreme and traditional weekly therapy has not achieved desired results, Therapeutic Placement Consultation is an alternative approach to help people access additional resources.